COVID 19 Update: We’re Here to Support Families

We’re here for you!
Kia Ora New Zealand. Wynand here from FamilyLife and I hope you’ve all been keeping safe at home during this time of lockdown as we fight COVID 19. To all our essential workers still out and about to insure we have our needs covered during this time we are also praying for your safety and protection.

Due to the restrictions placed on movement while we stand together to flatten the curve we’ve obviously had to put our life changing events on hold, but this doesn’t mean the need for families have been put on hold. In fact, I spoke to a friend yesterday who said that she’s feeling a bit scared of what spending all this time together might look like for her and her husband who has been away from home for long hours working for the majority of their married life.

In some ways and for many the next few weeks will be a great opportunity for families and loved ones to reconnect, but the reality is also true that for many the extended time spent in close proximity will also cause some underlying conflicts to rise to the surface.

We’re here to help and the team has committed to making ourselves available to talk to those of you in need of relationship encouragement, support, or practical tips to strengthen your marriage. We also work with a community of qualified counsellors that we could refer you to if you’re needing more ongoing support than we can offer with a one-off phone conversation.

Follow the link in the description to book your support call with one of the team free of charge. We’re here to help you get through these challenging times.

We know there are many out there who will jump at this opportunity to talk to a listening ear, so even if you feel this isn’t for you personally would you consider sharing this notice with anyone who you know that will want to make use of this opportunity. Help us bring help and hope to those who need it most.

If you are looking for other resources that can strengthen your marriage, why not check us out at We’re also more active on social media these days, so connect with us on Facebook or Instagram for regular updates.

Stay safe as we work together as a nation to address this pandemic and may you find new treasures in your relationship with this season of isolation.

See you soon

We're Here To Help

We understand this is uncertain times for many and whilst we’re on a nation wide lock down many things have been put on hold. However, the need for families have not been put on hold.

We appreciate now more than ever there will be families faced with challenges and we would like to offer our support by making ourselves available to offer a listening ear, encouragement, or practical resources to help strengthen families.

We’re providing this service free of charge and spots are limited, so click on the button below and book your call with one of our team.

Grace + Peace to you from us here at FamilyLife NZ

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