Hey everybody. Well ... this is different. Obviously the whole COVID-19 Pandemic has dramatically effected all of our lives. Campuses shut down and classes moved online, no group meetings, social distancing and all that goes with that. That's a lot to face for all of us.

And yet our God remains on the throne. He is still good. He is still in control. He is still worthy of our lives.

While isolated in body we desire to avoid being isolated in spirit. And so the La Crosse Area Cru staff and student leaders have been working on different ways for us to stay connected and stay on mission in the midst of our new reality.

First off, we'll be working in a lot of new content on our social media pages so make sure you are following us on Instagram and Facebook!!

Every Tuesday and Friday we'll be releasing a short video devo by a staff or student on Instagram.

Monday, Wednesday, & Friday 2-3PM is Crunion (Cru Union), where we will have a high-capacity video call set up for anyone to join in to casually hang out and catch up with friends and build up that cru-munity! Click this link to join at those times: http://tinyurl.com/cruunion

Thursdays at 8PM we will have our Virtual Cru Weekly MeetingCLICK HERE TO TUNE IN   or head to our Facebook page to watch

Make sure you check back here for updates as well as on social media and check your Cru-mail email updates as well!