Recap the Key Lessons from Follow Up#2 before starting this lesson

Remember, you need to help your contacts grow in their relationship with Christ.

Encourage them to read the verses given below and reflect on the questions.

Ask them to send you their thoughts via SMS. If you are working with a group, you can do a Conference Call to Summarize the Lesson.

Day 1

The Holy Spirit

1.Compare 2 Corinth 3:17-18 with Acts 5:3-4.Who is the Holy Spirit?

2.Why did Holy Spirit Come?Read John 16:8,13,14.Romans 8:9 andActs 1:8

Day 2

3.Successful Christian living is allowing Christ to live through us by the power of the Holy Spirit.Read Acts4:13.Give reason for the boldness of Peter&John?

Day 3

Three Kinds of People

Read 1 Corinths 2:14,15;3:1-3. Identify and define the three kinds of people.

Day 4

The Spirit Controlled Christian

Read Gal5:22-23.Make a list of what should characterize the Christian who trust God.Are all Christians exhibiting these & why?

Day 5

Canal Christian

All Christians are indwelt by the Holy Spirit but not all are filled by the Holy Spirit.Read 1Jhn2:15-16&Gal3:2-3.What characterizes a Canal Christian?

Day 6

Jesus Promises the fruitful life as the result of being filled(directed and empowered)by the Holy Spirit).Read Acts1:8 What does the Holy Spirit helps us to do?

Day 7

How to be Filled with the Holy Spirit:We are filled by FAITH

  1. Desire to be controlled by the Holy Spirit. What must you sincerely desire? Read Matthew 5:6.

Day 8

  1. Confess all known sin. Read 1John1:9 and Psalm66:18. Why do you think it is important to confess all known sin in order to be filled with the Holy Spirit?

Day 9

3.By faith claim the filling of the Holy Spirit

A.His Command: What are you commanded to do in Eph5:18?

B.His Promise:What does God promises us in 1John5:14-15?


NOTE: Pray with your contact to be filled with the Holy Spirit at the end of Day 9 during your review. Here is a sample prayer:

Lord God, I have sinned because I have been controlling my own life. I have sincerely confessed my sins to you. Thank you for forgiving my sins. I now surrender the control of my life to you. Fill me with your Holy Spirit as you commanded one to be filled. You promised in the Bible that you would fill me if I asked in faith. Thank you for filling me with your Holy Spirit. Amen.

After the prayer discuss how to know that you are filled with the Holy Spirit and Spiritual Breathing.