“Teach us more!”

Halfway through the School of Storying for the Aja language in Benin, Josue (one of the national trainees) went to find two women in his village who had repeatedly refused to listen to him share the gospel. This time, he went with a story from Luke.

“She wiped Jesus’ feet with her hair,” he whispered to them, “He forgave her and sent her on her way.” Captivated by the story, the women told Josue, “That woman was a prostitute, but Jesus accepted her and even protected her from that religious leader!”

So Josue pressed in. “What must you do to be protected by Jesus?

”One of them exclaimed, “Be CLOSE to Jesus!”

He knew he had them now.

“What will show that you are close to Him?”

Now they didn’t hesitate. “What we refused before, that’s what we are going to do!”

Josue then encouraged them to appear before the local village church on Sunday and share what had just happened in their hearts. “Please come back from your training and teach us more about how to follow Jesus,” they pleaded. And Josue went on his way, rejoicing over the life-changing power of just ONE story!

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