Stories Spread

It was November 8, at 6 PM in Aplahoue, Benin. Two African men who participated in our Aja SOS training and I walked across the dirt road and through the tall grasses to a small clearing. In the clearing sat several small mud buildings, and in front of one sat the man who had invited us into his home to tell him a Bible story. His face lit up as he saw us, and as he shuffled forward on his hands, I realized he was completely crippled in both legs. I shook his hand and took a seat that was hastily fetched for me. Several women looked up from their work, and curious kids began to approach in droves. “Sit down!” their father told them. “These people are going to tell us a story from God’s word!” Soon, five women and thirty-five children had gathered around us. My friend began to tell the group the story of the demoniac set free by the power of Jesus. Everyone listened intently, and as he asked them questions about what they had heard, a vigorous discussion ensued in the gathering twilight. After an hour and a half, this family of non-Christians begged us to return and tell them more stories. Please pray that this family—and all the others hearing stories in this area—come to know Christ.

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