First travel, first plane ride, first time meeting Jesus! One of our trainees from the Cebuano Philippines training, Rachel, just sent us this story!

“Our flight was on time and the lady was calling out the priority numbers to board the plane,” she wrote. “As I was navigating through the aisle to find my 4C seat, I happened to see a skinny woman sitting right next to me. I noticed she was jittery… must be her first time. I was planning to catch some sleep on this plane ride but the Spirit had plans otherwise…I started a conversation with the lady next to me and I found out that she was preparing to work in Hong Kong, leaving her family in hope for a brighter future. Then I started sharing the Forgiven story, the story of the sinful woman. She was skeptical at first and then told me she has ‘always been faithful in praying’. I told her that the only prayer that matters at this point in her life is the sinner’s prayer of accepting Jesus as her personal Savior. ‘I would like to pray that prayer now,’ she said. So I led her in the prayer and she accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior! Her countenance lit up and she gave me a smile. ‘Now my prayers to Him have more meaning because He is in my heart!’

I was right… It was her first plane ride, her first travel to Manila, and her first encounter with the Gentle Shepherd who died for her 2,000 years ago!”

(Listen below to the story that changed this woman’s life!)

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