Jesus, the Promised Savior, rode into Jerusalem, but He knew He would not be received for His true identity. Look at the extreme contrast of the joyful welcome the crowds gave him and the cold rejection by the  religious leaders. The people loved Him, but the religious leaders — those who should have known best who He really was — hated Him.  In this setting, Jesus wept over Jerusalem and the rejection He would receive by those in authority. Today He still weeps over those who  do not recognize that the Kingdom of God and His peace is available to them.  

Even today, there are many who, like the crowds along the road, understand and rejoice over Him. Many, like the religious leaders, do not recognize Him. Let’s proclaim the arrival of the King to those around us, knowing that many will recognize Him.

How can you let the truth of  Jesus’ identity soak into your own heart today?  

Who in your life doesn’t recognize Jesus? Pray for them. 



For a more in-depth devotional time, we suggest you listen to the story again and think through the following five questions:

  • What did I like in the story? 
  • What did I find confusing in this story? 
  • What did I learn about humanity? 
  • What did I learn about God/Jesus/God’s Spirit?  
  • How can I apply this story to my life? 
  • Who can I tell this story to?


Written by Todd, on behalf of the StoryRunners team