Description: StoryRunners’ vision is to start spiritual movements among unreached language groups, enabling believers to be involved in growing communities of faith. As we pursue the StoryRunners SR500 vision of developing 42 Bible stories in 500 languages that have little or no Scripture by 2025, a Story Movement Coach engages with the School of Storying (SOS) local host or designated leader immediately following an SOS project to help develop and to implement a long-term and fruitful church planting/discipleship multiplication strategy using the 42 stories developed during the SOS project.


  • Faithful walk with God.
  • International cross-cultural experience.
  • Field ministry experience.
  • Oral bible storying experience.

Ability to:

  • Train, mentor, and coach a local host and his colleagues to lay the foundation for a successful church multiplication movement.
  • Interact with diverse groups of people.
  • Give attention to detail.
  • Develop an ongoing strategic plan.
  • Utilize technology for effective distance communication.
  • Travel internationally multiple times per year.

What you will learn:

  • How to start and lead an ongoing Bible story group.
  • How to equip others to start and to lead Bible story groups.
  • How to facilitate the Church Planting (CP) week of a School of Storying workshop.
  • How to develop a ministry partner team to fund your salary and ministry-related expenses.

Essential duties and responsibilities:

  • Oversee ministry multiplication strategy for a country or region of countries.
  • Lead the Church Planting (fifth) week of the SOS in order to meet the local host, SOS participants and other interested/involved individuals to facilitate transitioning from product development to ministry expansion.
  • Coach the local host through designing and implementing a Storying Movement Strategy in connection with the StoryRunners Strategy Director and Field Strategy Directors. (Some local hosts require more coaching than others so number of trips and length of training will vary by location.)
  • Identify indigenous trainers for ongoing ministry expansion.
  • Hold the local host accountable to complete the developed ministry plans and to implement these plans with goal of developing church planting movements.
  • Network for future strategic SOS projects.
  • Focus efforts on using the SR 42 Story Sets in a ministry context.
  • Determine the financial needs of the ministry strategy and submit proposals to StoryRunners that reflect a commitment to utilization of local funding resources.
  • Coordinate travel among multiple areas for ongoing mentoring and coaching of the local hosts and colleagues from multiple SOS projects in your geographic area of responsibility.
  • Develop and maintain adequate financial support sufficient to meet ongoing salary and ministry needs.

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