Story Bible Translations to the Unreached

7,000…that’s how many languages exist in the world today and more than 3,700 have no Bible, New Testament, or even Scripture portions. STORIES and songs … that’s how people in many language groups pass down their culture, history, and values. Oral Bible storying speaks to them! An oral Bible story is a simplified version of a Biblical passage.

Our vision is to help people in 500 unreached language groups hear the gospel in a way they can understand and equip them to grow in a community of faith.

StoryRunners School of Storying is a fast-track and innovative residence workshop with local people who develop The Promise, a series of 40 Bible stories from Creation to the Return of Christ, in their own language in just four weeks.  Our team coaches the volunteers in story development, using a six-step process to ensure the stories are biblically accurate, culturally relevant, and easy to learn and to retell. During the course of the workshop, the volunteers learn how to use the stories in a story group (akin to a Bible study) for evangelism, discipleship and church planting. We’ve seen firsthand how God uses these stories to change lives—unbelievers follow Christ; believers grow in their faith; some commit to full-time ministry; communities of faith are developed and people trust God in new ways. You can listen to our stories in English at


We appreciate your partnership with us to help people know Christ in a way and language they understand, story by story. Thank you.