The Promise, StoryRunners’ set of 42 Bible stories, provides a panoramic overview, from Creation to the Return of Christ, of God’s plan to redeem a people for himself. These stories communicate the gospel in a way that people from unreached oral people groups can understand.

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1. Beginnings: Creation of the World

2. Unseen Conflict: The Spirit World

3. Broken: Sin Enters the World

4. Rain: Noah and The Flood

5. Promises: God Calls Abraham

6. Too Old: Promise to Abraham Fulfilled

7. God Provides: Abraham and Isaac

8. Chosen: King David

9. No Competition: Elijah vs the False Prophets

10. Promised Savior: Isaiah’s Prophecies

11. Arrived: Jesus is Born

12. Revealed: The Baptism of Jesus

13. Living Water: The Woman at the Well

14. Authority: Lowered through the Roof

15. Forgiven: Jesus and a Sinful Woman

16. The Soils: Parable of the Sower

17. The Weeds: Harvesting of Souls

18. Astonishment: Jesus Calms the Storm

19. Freed: Demons Cast Out

20. Life: Jairus’ Daughter and the Bleeding Woman

21. Come: Jesus Walks on Water

22. The One: Who Do People Say That I Am?

23. Ask and Receive: Teachings on Prayer

24. Running: The Prodigal Son

25. The King Arrives: The Triumphal Entry

26. Goodbye: The Last Supper

27. Condemned: Arrest and Trial

28. Finished: The Crucifixion

29. Empty: The Resurrection

30. Go: The Great Commission

31. Power: God Gives His Spirit

32. Stand Up and Walk: Peter Heals a Crippled Man

33. Boldness: Threats from the Religious Leaders

34. The Cost: Stephen Killed

35. Divine Appointment: Philip and the Ethiopian

36. One80: Paul’s Conversion

37. Diversity: The Church Expands to Antioch

38. Sent: The First Missionary Journey

39. Help: God’s Spirit Leads Paul

40. Worship in Chains: Paul and Silas in Philippi

41. Transformed: God Works in Ephesus

42. New: A New Heaven and a New Earth

Languages from around the world

A StoryRunners team coaches local speakers to develop these stories in one of the 3,700 languages that have no written Bible. Here is Beginnings, the creation story, in a selection of our completed languages.


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