Are you intimidated to have a spiritual conversation with someone? Experience how to use stories from God’s Word to engage people. Discover ways to talk on a deeper level with family and friends. Learn how stories are being used around the world to reach those who can’t or won’t read.

Why should you attend one of our trainings? Our desire is four-fold:

First, that we can equip you to use stories from God’s Word in a small group setting and for evangelism.  As our culture becomes more and more oral, oral Bible storying will become even more crucial to share Christ with others. These stories change lives!

Second, we want to make more people like you aware of unreached people around our world. 

Third, we want to introduce you to our ministry and share with you how we are going to unreached people and equipping them to reach their own people.  We do this by working with them to create a story set in their heart language, training them to use the stories in a small group setting, and teaching them church planting principles through our story set from the book of Acts. 

Lastly, we want to challenge those that attend to become involved in our Great Commission work. 


We offer several different training options, both in-person and virtually. We hope to see you there!