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Last Edited: October 11, 2023

The following 160 plugins are globally available on the Cru WordPress Network. This list is best viewed on a laptop or larger screen.

To request a plugin activation for your Cru Site or Cru Microsite please send an email to help@cru.org with the title “WordPress Plugin Request”. Please include a link to your site in the email as well as any other specifics that may be helpful.

Most of the descriptions below were written by the plugin authors, with a few network-related comments added by me when necessary.

Admin Columns

Customize columns on the administration screens for post(types), pages, media, comments, links, and users with an easy to use drag-and-drop interface.

Admin Columns for Advanced Custom Fields

This plugin allows admins to customize the columns displayed in the WP admin lists for posts, pages, users, etc, making those lists more informative and sortable.

Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Front End

An ACF and Elementor extension that allows you to easily display ACF frontend forms on your site so your clients can easily edit the content by themselves from the frontend.

Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Frontend Pro

An ACF and Elementor extension that allows you to easily display ACF frontend forms on your site so your clients can easily edit the content by themselves from the frontend. This Pro plugin adds several features to the base version, both must be activated for the Pro to work. This adds Email Sending, Multistep Forms, Stripe and PayPal functionality, and WooCommerce integration.

Advanced Custom Fields PRO

Customize WordPress with powerful, professional and intuitive fields. This plugin allows you to add your own fields to post and pages. These custom fields can be text, dropdowns, checkboxes, radio buttons, images, etc. These fields can then be displayed on the front end.

Akismet Anti-Spam

Used by millions, Akismet is quite possibly the best way in the world to protect your site from spam. It keeps your site protected even while you sleep. After activation you will need to get and API key from Automattic. Your ministry will need to get a Personal license for the plugin which is free.

Astra Pro

This plugin is an add-on for the Astra WordPress Theme. It offers premium features & functionalities that enhance your theming experience at next level. This plugin should be activated at the time that we set up your Cru Site if the Astra theme was used. This plugin is NOT available for Cru Micro Sites as they do not use the Astra theme.

Beaver Builder Plugin (Agency Version)

A drag and drop frontend WordPress page builder plugin that works with almost any theme! NOTE: This plugin is depreciated on our network. Elementor and Elementor Pro are the preferred page builder plugins that will be activated on Cru Sites and Micro Sites.

Cost Of Goods For WooCommerce

With Cost of Goods for WooCommerce plugin you can save WooCommerce products purchase costs, i.e. “Cost of goods sold” (COGS) or “Cost of goods” (COG). After enabling the plugin, new “Cost (excl. tax)” input field will be added to the product’s edit page.

Cru LearnDash User Management

Adds a way to manage what users are in what courses without needing to be able to edit users. This is custom coded for Cru.

Dynamic.ooo – Dynamic Content for Elementor

Building powerful websites by extending Elementor. We give you over 140 features that will save you time and money on achieving complex results.

Ele Custom Skin

Elementor Custom Skin for Posts and Archive Posts. You can create a skin as you want for the post loop. Cru has the free version of the plugin available on the network.


The Elementor Website Builder has it all: drag and drop page builder, pixel perfect design, mobile responsive editing, and more. This is the core plugin, Cru has the Pro addon that will also get activated at the same time. The Pro addon adds many extra widgets and settings.

Elementor Pro

Elementor Pro brings a whole new design experience to WordPress. Customize your entire theme: header, footer, single post, archive and 404 page, all with one page builder.

Email Posts To Subscribers

The aim of this plugin is One Time Configuration and Life Time Newsletter. This plugin generates a newsletter with the latest available posts in the blog and send it to your subscriber. We can easily schedule the newsletter daily, weekly, or monthly. 6 default templates available with this plugin also admin can create the templates using the visual editor. This plugin also requires the Email Posts to Subscribers for Cru plugin to be activated to function on our network.

Email Posts to Subscribers for Cru

Updates emails being sent out so they are sent with the right headers when sent with the Email Posts to Subscribers plugin.

Enable Media Replace

A free, lightweight, and easy-to-use plugin that allows you to seamlessly replace an image or file in your Media Library by uploading a new file in its place. No more deleting, renaming, and re-uploading files!

Essential Addons for Elementor

The Essential plugin you install after Elementor! Packed with 40+ stunning free elements including Advanced Data Table, Event Calendar, Filterable Gallery, WooCommerce, and many more. This is the Core (Free) version, Cru has the Pro version as well. Please request both if you want this.

Essential Addons for Elementor – Pro

Supercharge your Elementor page building experience with Essential Addons PRO. Get your hands on exclusive elements such as Instagram Feed, Protected Content, Smart Post List, and many more. This is the paid version, please request both the free and the paid version if you want these installed.

Event Tickets Plus

Event Tickets Plus lets you sell tickets to events, collect custom attendee information, and more! Includes advanced options like shared capacity between tickets, ticket QR codes, and integrations with your favorite ecommerce provider. This is the paid extension for the free version, please request both if you want this plugin activated.

Feed Them Social – for Twitter feed, Youtube, and more

Display a Custom Facebook feed, Instagram feed, Twitter feed and YouTube feed on pages, posts or widgets.

Give – Donation Plugin

The most robust, flexible, and intuitive way to accept donations on WordPress.

Google Product Feed

Feed rich product data to Google Merchant Center for setting up free product listings, product ads, and local inventory campaigns. Full control over your field mappings, and feed content so you can maximize campaign performance and ad spend.

Gravity Forms – Salesforce CRM Integration

Gravity Forms – Salesforce CRM Integration plugin allows you to connect WordPress Gravity Forms and Salesforce CRM. To automatically add/update Gravity Forms form submissions to your Salesforce CRM account, simply integrate your Gravity Forms form with Salesforce CRM Lead, Contact or Case.

Gravity Forms MIN/MAX Calculation

Adds MIN/MAX function support for calculations in number fields

Gravity Forms ReCAPTCHA

Prevent spam form entries with the Gravity Forms reCAPTCHA Add-On. Directly integrate Google reCAPTCHA v3 into all your forms, helping to identify automated spam form entries and provide an uninterrupted experience for your real-life users.

HubSpot All-In-One Marketing – Forms, Popups, Live Chat

HubSpot’s official WordPress plugin allows you to add forms, popups, and live chat to your website and integrate with the best WordPress CRM.

Import / Export Customizer Settings

This plugin is an add-on for the Astra WordPress Theme. It will help in Import Export Customizer settings. Used mostly for migrations.


This plugin allows users to create Custom Post Types (CPT), Custom Taxonomies, and complex relationships. Also features a complex query builder. Works well with Elementor, though Elementor is not required to use this plugin.


A top-notch mega menu addon for Elementor. Use it to create a fully responsive mega menu with drop-down items, rich in content modules, and change your menu style according to your vision without any coding knowledge!

LearnDash Learning Management System

LearnDash LMS Plugin – Turn your WordPress site into a learning management system. This plugin allows you to create courses with lessons and topics and allow users to progress through those courses. On our network we have many plugins that extend the core functionality in this plugin.

LearnDash LMS – Elementor

LearnDash LMS add-on to add Elementor widgets and templates to your course website.

LearnDash Quiz Save And Resume

The LearnDash Quiz Save and Resume add-on allows your students to save their quiz answers before they submit the quiz for grading. Students are able to resume work on the quiz at a later time without losing previous progress. When resuming a quiz, students can pick up right where they left off.

MC4WP: Mailchimp for WordPress

Mailchimp for WordPress by ibericode. Adds various highly effective sign-up methods to your site.


Easy to use slideshow plugin. Create SEO optimized responsive slideshows with Nivo Slider, Flex Slider, Coin Slider, and Responsive Slides.

Poll, Survey, Form & Quiz Maker by OpinionStage

Add a highly engaging poll, survey, quiz, or contact form builder to your site. You can add the poll, survey, quiz, or form to any post/page or to the sidebar.

Premium Addons for Elementor

Premium Addons for Elementor plugin includes widgets and addons like Blog Post Grid, Gallery, Carousel, Modal Popup, Google Maps, Pricing Tables, Lottie Animations, Countdown, Testimonials.


Manage all your 301 redirects and monitor 404 errors. If your site is using Domain Mapping (you have a .com or .org) this plugin will not work for you and you will need to use Yoast Premium.

Restrict User Access

Easily restrict content and contexts to provide exclusive access for specific Access Levels. This works on top of Okta to provide more finite control of access to content. You will need to work with one of our developers to get this plugin tweaked for your needs.


Sabai is a web application framework for WordPress. This plugin is required for Sabai Discuss to work.

Search & Filter – Elementor Extension

Adds Search & Filter integration for Elementor – filter your Posts, Posts Archive, Portfolio, Products & Products Archive widgets. This plugin, with the Pro extension, is what is running the filtering on this page. This plugin requires the Search & Filter Pro plugin to be installed as well.

Search & Filter Pro

Search & Filtering for posts, products, and custom posts. Allow your users to Search & Filter by categories, tags, taxonomies, custom fields, post meta, post dates, post types, and authors.

Send Elementor Attachments in Email

It’s possible to add attachments to Elementor forms. This plugin will email those attachments and then remove them from our server.

Sermon Manager Pro

This plugin is an addon to Sermon Manager, the most popular sermon plugin for WordPress. Enjoy templates, page builder support, page assignment and much more.

ShortPixel Image Optimizer

ShortPixel optimizes images automatically, while guarding the quality of your images. This plugin is activated network wide so all sites get this feature by default, you do not need to request this plugin.

Simple Calendar

Add Google Calendar events to your WordPress site in minutes. Beautiful calendar displays. Fully responsive.

The Events Calendar PRO

The Events Calendar PRO, a premium add-on to the open-source The Events Calendar plugin (required), enables recurring events, custom attributes, venue pages, new widgets, and a host of other premium features. Be sure to request both the free and the pro version if you want the pro activated on your site.

TranslatePress – Automatic User Language Detection Add-on

Automatically redirects new visitors to their preferred language based on browser settings or IP address and remembers the last visited language.

TranslatePress – Extra Languages Add-on

Extends the functionality of TranslatePress by allowing an unlimited number of translation languages.

TranslatePress – Multilingual

Experience a better way of translating your WordPress site using a visual front-end translation editor, with full support for WooCommerce and site builders. This is the core plugin that is required for any of the addons to work.

TranslatePress – Navigation Based on Language Add-on

Extends the functionality of TranslatePress by allowing different navigation menu items based on language

TranslatePress – Translator Accounts Add-on

Extends the functionality of TranslatePress by creating Translator accounts.

Ultimate Addons for Elementor

Ultimate Addons is a premium extension for Elementor that adds 40+ widgets and works on top of any Elementor Package (Free, Pro). You can use it with any WordPress theme.

USPS Shipping Method

Get real-time rates from the largest shipping network in the US. Show your customers accurate shipping rates automatically with our integration for USPS,  the largest delivery network in United States.

WooCommerce Authorize.Net Gateway

Adds the Authorize.Net Payment Gateway to your WooCommerce site, allowing customers to securely save their credit card or bank account to their account for use with single purchases, pre-orders, subscriptions, and more!

WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers Pro

This plugin allows your store to have sequential, rather than random, order numbers. Additionally, you can customize your order numbers by setting a starting number, order number length, and custom prefixes and suffixes.

WP All Export Pro

Export any post type to a CSV or XML file. Edit the exported data, and then re-import it later using WP All Import.

WP All Import – WooCommerce Add-On Pro

Import to WooCommerce. Adds a section to WP All Import that looks just like WooCommerce. Requires WP All Import.

WP All Import Pro

The most powerful solution for importing XML and CSV files to WordPress. Import to Posts, Pages, and Custom Post Types. Support for imports that run on a schedule, ability to update existing imports, and much more.

WP Rocket | No Cache for Admins

Disable WP Rocket caching and optimizations for logged-in administrators.

WP Taxonomy GUI Manager

The “WP Taxonomy GUI Manager” plugin changes the default view of categories and taxonomies to more sensible view. This plugin provides you an easy interface for managing taxonomy terms in WordPress dashboard. You may often notice that there is a 1) category/taxonomy metabox on the post edit screen 2) category/terms listing page which mixes up parent and child terms on the same page and that way very complex to use. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could re-arrange these sections to a way that helps improve your UI experience? This plugin comes with very nice solution for this whole.

Yoast SEO

The first true all-in-one SEO solution for WordPress, including on-page content analysis, XML sitemaps and much more.

Yoast SEO Premium

The first true all-in-one SEO solution for WordPress, including on-page content analysis, XML sitemaps and much more. At this time Yoast does not offer a multisite license. If your ministry uses the Premium plugin you will be responsible for the licensing fee.

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