Mapping A Domain Name To Your Cru Site

Last Edited: November 10, 2020

If you’ve had a Cru Site set up you have the option to use a domain name with that site. This is not an option for Micro Sites as they technically are part of

If you don’t set up a domain to work with your Cru Site it will always be available at and then your site name.

It’s up to each ministry to register their own domains. Check with your leadership before registering one to make sure they don’t have a process for procuring them.

What is Domain Mapping?

In order for a domain name to point to your site you have to map it.

In this process we will tell your domain registrar where your site lives so that  when someone types in your domain name, or clicks on a link that points to it, the Name Servers all across the internet know which server your site is on.

Setting A CNAME Record With Your Registrar

The first step is to set a CNAME Record with your Registrar. This would be GoDaddy, NameCheap or any other company that you registered your domain with.


Checking For Propagation

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Configuring Mapping In Your WordPress Dashboard

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