Lesson 5

The Bible is God’s inspired Word to man. He has something to say to you. Much of the adventure of the Christian life comes from discovering, through the Bible, more of what God is like and what His plans are for you.

Throughout history God has desired to communicate with the people of His creation. Before Jesus came, God spoke to and through the committed people of the Old Testament, who recorded His Word. God sent His Word to earth personally, in the person of Jesus Christ (John 1:14) While Jesus was on earth, as well as after His death and resurrection, God again directed committed men to record the words and ministry of the Son of God. The result of their faithfulness and availability is the New Testament. The Bible is the entire record of God’s communication to us. It has been given to us by God, who desires our fellowship and worship.

This chapter will help to explain how to understand and enjoy the Bible.



The Bible is the most important book one could read. Many people don’t know how to listen to what God is saying to them in His Word. A meaningful relationship with the Lord is dependent on hearing and understanding what He is sharing with us. Following are some hints to help you begin your study of God’s Word.

Understand that reading the Bible is not like reading any other book. The Bible is God’s inspired Word to man. In this book, God has something to say to you. Therefore, read with the attitude, “Lord, this is your personal letter of love and instruction to me to understand and obey Your counsel.”



In addition to the Bible, you will need a pen or pencil, paper and a quiet place to study. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in your study.



  1. Read

Read the passage several times, at least three times is good. Do not pick a section that is too long. Read it slowly, carefully and think about the meaning.

  1. Study

Look at the passage again. Seek to discover what God is saying to you by asking the following questions.

S – Does this passage teach me about any sins I should confess?

P – Are there promises to claim?

A – Does it show any attitude I should change?

C – Are there commands to obey?

E – Is there an example to follow?

Remember the questions by using the word SPACE. You will not necessarily find an answer to every one of the questions in the passage you are studying.

  1. Write

Take the paper or notebook that you have for your Bible Study and write down what you find. Make it personal.

  1. Obey

Put into action what God has shown you from His Word. See John 14:21.

What does our obedience show?

What will Christ do if we love and obey Him?



Practice the steps of Bible Study using John 15:7-12. Read it slowly several times, ask the study questions and write down what you find and how you will obey. This chart is provided for you to use.

Date:_________________________  Passage – John 15:7-12

S  – Sins to confess:

P  – Promises to claim:

A  – Attitudes to change:

C  – Commands to obey:

E  – Examples to follow:


Apply these steps as you study your Bible daily. Consider buying a notebook to record your study of the Bible.