(Beginning Your New Life of Growth in Christ)

Day 1

You are now part of God’s family by receiving Christ. But it doesn’t end there.

(Read Luke 18:1-8)

  1. What was Jesus teaching the disciples in this parable? vs 1.

Day 2

(Read Philippians 4:6 -7)

  1. What are we told to do in this passage?
  2. What should we pray about?
  3. As we pray about everything, what did God say we will experience?

Day 3

(Read Psalm 119:9,11, 97)

  1. What did David do with God’s Word?

(Read 2 Timothy 3:16-17)

  1. How does reading the Bible help us?

Day 4

(Read Romans 10:17)

  1. How does faith grow?

(Read Acts 17:11)

  1. When should we read the Bible?

As we read the Bible, God talks to us. As we pray, we talk to God.

Day  5

(Read James 1:22-24)

  1. What instruction does James give about the Word of God?

(Read John14:21)

  1. How can you show that you love Jesus?

Day 6

(Read John 4: 24-30)

  1. What did the woman tell others?
  2. What has Jesus done for you that you can share with others?

Day 7

(Read John 1:40-42)

  1. When Andrew found Jesus, who did he first share the news with?
  2. List names of 4 people you will like to tell about Jesus this week?

Day  8

(Read I Peter 5:7)

  1. What does it say about God?

2.Can any other person care for every detail of your life than God?

Commit your challenges into His care.

Day  9

(Read Galatians 5:16,17)

  1. what conflict is mentioned in these verses?
  2. How can a person overcome the desires of the sinful nature?

Day 10

(Read Hebrews 10:24,25)

  1. Why is it important to spend time with other Christians?
  2. Do you have a church, which you attend regularly? If yes, which one?