Lesson 6

Prayer is talking with God. Every Christian has the privilege of communicating directly with God. If we desire a vital and fulfilling Christian life, we need to learn to talk with God. Through prayer we can appropriate all of God’s resources for us in Jesus Christ.

Any fulfilling relationship involves a two-way communication. A look at the biographies of people recorded in the Bible clearly shows the importance of communication between God and His people. As long as these individuals listened to God, obeyed Him and prayed, their spiritual lives were radiant. When these same people, however, failed to hear and obey God and talk with Him through prayer, spiritual problems crowded in.

The same thing happens to us today. God communicates with us through His Word, the Bible. If we desire a rich and fulfilling Christian life, we also need to learn to talk with with God. To pray is simply to converse or talk with Him.

Prayer was an important emphasis in the life of Jesus Christ. His desire to seek His Father’s presence and know His will through prayer is apparent throughout His earthly life. The life of Christ was a living conversation with God the father: prayer was the backbone of Christ’s life and ministry. To become like Christ, we need to learn to pray.

Prayer should include the following elements: Adoration (worship and praise), Confession, Thanksgiving and specific requests. You can use the word ACTS (made up of the fist letters of the 4 elements) to help you remember them.



  1. In Psalm 95:6 we are told to: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. According to Psalm 95:7, why should we worship God? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. According to Psalm 135:3, why should we praise God? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

God is worthy of our worship and praise. As His children, we should praise Him for His love, mercy, patience, holiness and power.

  1. Read 1 Chronicles 29:11, 12. What does this passage tell us about God’s character? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Worship and Praise God Through Prayer

Take a few minutes to worship and Praise God now. Tell Him how much you appreciate Him and why. Considering the character of God described in 1 Chronicles 29:11, 12, tell God your thoughts about Him.

If you are studying this booklet with a friend, pray together. Take turns talking aloud to God.



  1. According to Psalm 66:18, what happens when we pray and there is unconfessed sin in our lives? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. According to 1 John 1:9, what does God say He will do when we confess our sins? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Are you aware of anything in your life that is not pleasing to God? If so, confess your sin:

  1. Agree with God that what He has revealed to you as sin is sin.
  2. Thank God for His forgiveness on the basis of what Christ has done on the cross.
  3. Repent – change your attitude and action.

Confess Your Sins Through Prayer

Take a few minutes and ask God to show you what is not pleasing to Him. Privately list these on a separate sheet of paper. Now pray and confess these sins. Claim the promise 1 john 1:9 and write this verse across your sheet. Then destroy your list.



  1. Read Psalm 106:1. According to this verse, what should we do? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. Read 1 Thessalonians 5:18. According to this verse, for what should we thank God? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. Read Romans 8:28. According to this verse, why can we thank God for everything? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Thank God in Everything Through Prayer

  1. Take a few minutes and, in the space below, list various things that God has done in your life for which you to thank Him. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. Now list any unpleasant experiences and difficult areas in your life for which you have not thanked God. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Now thank God for these things.



  1. According to James 4:2b, why are the needs of some Christians not met? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. According to Matthew 7:7, what does Jesus say will happen when we tell God our needs? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. According 1 Timothy 2:1, for whom should we pray? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Specific Requests Through Prayer

Take a few minutes and list your specific needs and requests. When your requests to God are specific, you will know when He has answered them. Thank God He does.


Requests Answers



Prayer can become enjoyable when you write your requests every day in your devotional notebook. This provides a permanent record of your requests. It is also exciting to review your requests periodically and see the many ways God has answered and actively involved Himself in your life.



  1. Book: Psalms.
  2. Transferrable Concept No. 9 – “How to Pray.”